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Our newest software, TIEIT, is something our team is most proud of only because it is something we have been wanting to develop for years. Since we started as a small business, we have been working closely with other small businesses in all different industries, and one common thread we found is the need for an integrated application that will assist business owners and sales people with their sales, marketing and invoicing without having to break the bank. MaaS Pros was founded by entrepreneurs so we know how it feels to be a business owner and we understand the importance of every dollar that is spent and how important it is to see every dollar be used towards something that will yield real results.

Made for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.

This is why we spent countless hours during the development of TIEIT to ask business owners in all different industries what features would be useful for them on a daily basis and what marketing tools they are currently using to drive in more leads. We also asked what they like and dislike from other applications and of course how much they would pay to utilize such an application. We set out to offer a robust application that is affordable for small businesses and that is exactly what we did.

TIEIT gives our clients the ability to manage their leads, market their business and invoice their clients in one integrated system. We know how busy the day of an Entrepreneur or business owner can be and TIEIT helps you streamline your day and leverage your past and current leads to increase sales.

Organize your leads, contacts and day with the TIEIT CRM.

All of your contacts, leads and customers are centralized in one unified area. Easily keep track of customer history, track customer behaviour, add activities and associate deals all in a quick and easy-to-use interface. Our filter options allow you to segment your list in order to take quick, actionable steps towards closing more deals.

Email Marketing helps you drive in new leads, retain past customers and keep your business top of mind.

Easily create lists, segment your contacts and schedule emails to stay in touch with your customers and leads. Select from high converting, responsive email marketing templates, easily edit and add images, select recipients and send! We made it as simple as possible to help you keep in touch with your customers.

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marketing automation

TIEIT lets you automate your day in minutes!

Automate your marketing with the ability to create workflows, high conversion landing pages and forms. TIEIT will take actionable steps and send emails based on your customer and lead behaviour to ensure that you are not losing track of a potential lead and moving them along the sales cycle automatically. Setting up the marketing automation in TIEIT is so easy!

Invoice your clients and streamline the payment processing.

TIEIT has a built-in invoice and estimate module which allows you to create estimates and send them directly to your leads and contacts. Customers can then accept the estimate online which will automatically convert to an invoice allowing them to pay online. This module will help you streamline and manage your accounts, payments and on-going deals.